Welcome to the CaliOpen development community.

Want to play with our Proof Of Concept?


Go to poc.caliopen.org and login with john@mail.caliopen.me, password 123456.

(Caliopen POC instance is regularly updated and might be broken)


Help is welcome.

To contribute to a CaliOpen project, you MUST follow the contribute guide

Getting Started

The development entrypoint is CaliOpen dev repository.

The bug tracker is available in CaliOpen/Caliopen.


Once you have vagrant and virtualbox installed, you can launch an development platform issuing theses commands:

cd devtools
vagrant up

Are installed in this vm:

  • Cassandra, Elasticsearch, Redis storage services run in this VM
  • a CaliOpen LMTP server listen on port 4025 for mail delivery
  • a CaliOpen ReSt API server listen on port 6543