First of all, thank you for contributing, you are awesome!

Here are a few rules to follow in order to ease code reviews, and discussions before maintainers accept and merge your work.

You MUST follow the repository coding standards. If no formal coding standard are provided, try to follow the one already in use.

You MUST run the test suite. We try our best to keep this simple.

You MUST write (or update) unit tests.

You SHOULD write documentation.

Please, write commit messages that make sense, and rebase your branch before submitting your Pull Request.

One may ask you to squash your commits too. This is used to “clean” your Pull Request before merging it (we don’t want commits such as fix tests, fix 2, fix 3, etc.).

Also, while creating your Pull Request on GitHub, you MUST write a description which gives the context and/or explains why you are creating it.

To ease review, you are encouraged to create a pull request early. Use [WIP] in the title (stands for Work In Progress) to ensure it will not be merged until completion.

Thank you!